9 Pieces Beard Bandana Black Beard Covers Facial Beard Apron Guard Beard Caps Bedtime Bib


● What you get: 9 pieces of beard bandana in black color, which is practical and effective to save you time to clean your beard after a meal, suitable for daily or emergency use in the day and night to form a clean and sanitary use habit
● Day protection: our facial beard apron guard works well to prevent loose hairs from falling into food or sensitive areas, at the same time, prevents food sauces, soups and oils from staining your beard, keeps your beard clean and healthy
● Night protection: these beard caps bedtime bib is a staple for protecting your beard at night, especially if you’re using beard oil or beard balm, the beard cap ensures that you don’t ruin the pillowcase, and prevents tangles and itching in the beard as well
● Durable and reusable: the black beard covers are made of smooth silk fabric with soft and durable construction, which is breathable, washable and wearable, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and easy to clean
● Gift-giving ideas: these beard bandanas are practical for keeping your beard hairs away from tangles, split ends, beard itch, beard dandruff and skin irritation, a good gift for your man, boyfriend, dad or treat yourself

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