LeadersLogic Mobile microSDXC Card with SD Adapter 128GB UHS-1 U3 Class 10 VSC 30 A1


● No.1 MEMORY SUPPLIER – Leaders Logic is a leading flash memory manufacturing company founded in 2010 in South, Korea. Recognized for the best stability of a flash memory, we have supplied lots of flash memories to related companies(Navigation, Black Box, PC makers) for about a decade.
● PROVEN STABILITY – The most important thing about the memory card is its stability. Leaders Logic flash memory’s stability has been proven by a track record of supplying to so many related companies in Korea. A lot of Leaders Logic’s flash memories are still now working in a variety of the devices.
● SUPER PROTECTION – We warrant it for 5 years. Water proof, Shock Proof, Magnet Proof(X-ray scan in airport search station and MRI scan), Temperature Proof(-68F ~ 167F, -20C ~ 75C).
● CAPACITY & SPEC – microSDXC, 128 GB, 100MB/s read and 77MB/s write speeds, UHS(Ultra High Speed)-1, U3 grade, Class(Speed Class) 10, VSC(Video Speed Class) 30 (Application Performance Class 1)A1
● NOTE – Before using microSDXC cards, please check compatibility with your devices.

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