Torino Pro Medium Hard Palm Curve Wave Brush By Brush King – #1780-360 Curved Medium Hard Palm – Great for Wolfing – For 360 Waves


● TORINO PRO #1780 – This 360 curve palm wave brush is a no handle medium hard brush. In the current Torino Pro lineup, there are 2 medium hards and this one is the firmest of the two. The TP1780 has real good pull and it is very firm.
● This brush is great for coarse hair, thick hair and for wolfing; it is not for fresh or low cuts. This brush is not for long hair, it is for 360 waves; it is a very firm reinforced brush so only use it if you have enough hair on your head.
● With a beautiful gold color and streaks of black, this brush was designed to impress. Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided.

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