Torino Pro Wave Brushes by Brush king #56- Medium Hard Curved 360 waves brush


● Torino Pro #56 is a medium hard brush with excellent pull . This brush is not for fresh cuts and should be used at a 2.5 or higher.
● This brush is firmer than the tp#350 and the tp#570 brush.I stuff the brushes with extra bristles so when you get the brush and bristles come out don’t be alarmed that’s part of the design process.
● The bristles stop shedding after 3 weeks also these brushes are not for wash and styles or to be wetting in the shower you will ruin the brush please use a royalty shower brush for that.
● Not for Shower brushing or Wash and styles it will damage your brush
● YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: If Wave Brushes Can be Bought for $5-10 here on Amazon, Why is it that Torino Pro Brushes are Always Selling Out? Because Torino Pro Wave Brushes are of Superior Quality; My Bristles Won’t Lean, Which Means Faster Progress, Better Connections and the Best Pull. On Top of Being Specifically Designed for Waving, Torino Pro Brushes are Known for Their Exquisite Glossy Candy Paint Finish. Stop Cheating Yourself, Treat Yourself! Your Hair Deserves the Best, Period.

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